Why SynchroDesk?

SynchroDesk provides a state-of-the art email marketing automation solution for your organization. Let us help your organization or business reach your targeted user base to achieve your goals. Our proven approach uses email delivery which connects you directly with your users, bypassing the controlling networks that want to filter out your message. No more struggling to select which technologies to use, how to utilize them, and more importantly, how to scale your advertising outreach without being throttled and blocked by the large networks that control the advertising & outreach markets. We provide the technologies plus the know-how for email delivery. We make sure your message is not blocked and can tell you if there are tools that intercept your emails and generate fake clicks to send you in the wrong direction.

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4.9 /5 Overall rating for Email Marketing

Email is 50 times more effective at acquiring new customers
than Facebook or Twitter

What We Provide?


Get more engagement by sending personalized marketing messages to a more targeted audience

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Marketing automation

Save time and boost performance by automating segmentation and marketing messages

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Transactional emails

Step up the design, engagement, and deliverability of your transactional email messages

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Instant Alerts

Get immediate notifications when a customer clicks a call to action, resulting in more sales

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We provide the best email delivery system to reach your user base.

We manage black lists, harmful click systems, encryptions, and maximize delivery time windows to capitalize on click rates and compliancy, while our AI constantly gathers information and adapts to new behaviors.

While social media and search should not be ignored, email has higher conversion rates than these two tactics combined.

Source (SmartInsights)

Instantly respond, so leads don’t go cold

According to sales studies, 90% of all companies still don’t respond in MINUTES – not hours, or days, or weeks/months! Don’t let prospects go cold. Our SMS alerts immediately notify you that a Call To Action has occurred so you can close the sale.

We take your data privacy and security seriously

CAN SPAM and other regulatory compliances are all followed with low hard bounce rates

Is your Sales Team ready?