Here's why you should choose us!

We provide the tools to help your organization reach your audience while maximizing delivery rates.


Upload Your Target Contacts

We help you to create your target audience list and break it into segments.


Build Your Email Templates

Our email editor allows you to choose from existing templates and/or create new template without the need to know html./p>


Build Your Workflow

Build a workflow from which different emails can be delivered based on specific results.

Geo Targeting

Delivering information about your services to targeted customers using their geographic location, such as to a state or a city, is highly effective. Location can be even more meaningful when tied to local events, relative local content, and even known behavior of targeted users in the area.

How It Works



Identify your ideal targeted buyers, donors, constituents, or decision makers using various filters such as geography, company size, title, industry, etc. for your targeting efforts.



Our solution delivers your emails at the optimal time of day to maximize open rates and facilitate the success, while monitoring road blocks that try to intercept your messages.



Login at any time to view the status of a campaign and download reports of activities. This data can be exported or integrated directly into your website or CRM.


Reach Your Audience While Minimizing Friction

Think of us as part of your marketing team - specialized email marketing experts hired to run your campaigns and maximize your ROI


How We Maximize Our Delivery Rates & Accuracy

Our system monitors the low-level communication between SMTP servers in order to capture warnings, errors, and success while assembling rich data that includes server tools, domain names, IP addresses and type of messages obtained. Our AI engine learns and can identify the best time(s) to deliver messages, and can detect anomalies. Through AI and machine learning, our systems are continually improving acquisition and sorting methods to ensure the cleanest, most complete data possible.

As a company we follow all CAN-SPAM requirements, including managing opt-outs within the timeframe as stated by the CAN-SPAM guidelines for marketing and communications data.

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